Your terms and conditions of use

Rule 1

Cash settlement: we accept the remote regulations(payments) by PAYPAL or Bank cards accepted by PAYPAL.

Rule 2

Field of application: all our sales are governed by the present general conditions of sale which prevail over any conditions of purchase, except express exceptional condition.

Rule 3

Prices, terms of payment and penalties: the applicable prices(prizes) are the ones appearing on the price list opposite. They get " departure storeroom ", the transport being chargeable to the buyer.

The payment is made in cash. In application of legal requirements, any payment occurring after the date of payment appearing on the invoice will entail the payment of penalties of delay the amount of which is equal to three times the legal interest rate. These penalties are due without that a reminder is necessary. Besides, all the collection charges will be put chargeable to the buyer.

Rule 4

Transport: our wines travel at the risks and the dangers of the addressee, even in case of French shipping. The salesman cannot be held for responsible in case of average, of loss, of flight or of defective parcel. Consequently, the customers are invited to verify parcel in their reception and to notify any reserve to the carrier by registered letter, in three working days which follow the reception of the goods.

Rule 5

Property reserve: the salesman keeps the property of wines sold up to the complete payment of the price. However, from the delivery, the risks of loss or deterioration are transferred to the buyer.

Rule 6

Disputes: our sales are subjected to the French legislation. It is expressly awarded skill to the county court of the place of residence of the salesman.